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  • TELEO launches with Azusa Pacific University September 9, 2018 – works with over 300 student-athletes.

  • TELEO and APU are committed to helping add value to the student-athletes experience and has started a training program using TELEO to prepare the student athletes, for the Monday after graduation.

  • TELEO offers Alumni a vehicle to start and grow a legacy amongst the student-athletes.

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Huntington Beach / CA – September 12, 2018  (PANORAMIC)


“There’s a great need in college athletics right now for career developers and those who can point our student athletes in the right direction. Teleo and Brian Willmer are giving a personal touch to help these young men and women launch into theirs careers confidently”.  
- Gary Pine , Athletic Director Azusa Pacific University

TELEO,  is the Greek word, meaning to complete, finish or execute. TELEO was created out of Brian Willmer’s experiences as a UCLA student-athlete and 19 years coaching college football. Through those experiences and the creation of TELEO, the team has built a business that focuses on the unique value of student-athletes, the training process and the importance of using the university resources, including some alumni and corporate partners to help launch these student-athletes into lasting careers.  TELEO is extending the goodwill and brand of the University into the marketplace, with graduates that know their value and can be trusted as good productive hires.


“Our emphasis is to educate the student athletes on their true value, the discipline they’ve honed for 4+ years, and the value of their perseverance - both skill sets that most employers find valuable. We believe that your time in college as an athlete should shape the next 40 years of your career.”
- Brian Willmer, CEO


Founded in March 2018, Brian Willmer and Rys Fairbrother developed a system that will educate student athletes with a series of videos and resource material that will prepare them in foundational areas such as; 1) Value of a Student Athlete, 2) Discovery, 3) Social Media Awareness, 4) Working World, Life Skills, 5) Value of Internship/Mentoring, 6) Networking, 7) Plan to Succeed  


Contact: Brian Willmer, CEO

Phone #: 626-224-2881

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