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First-of-its-Kind Artificial Intelligence Tool Helps Communicators Better Resonate By Matching Human Emotion


Beta Testing Of The Panoramic Toolset Is Now Available To A Select Few



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Austin, TX, August 9, 2018 - (PANORAMIC)

PANORAMIC™, a firm focused on avatar development including message creation with targeted distribution by utilizing Artificial Intelligence, is launching its patent-pending Human Emotion Intelligence (HEI™) tool.

"The Human Emotion Intelligence (HEI) tool is a game changer for news releases and the PR industry overall." – Paolina Milana, Former Marketwired, Vice President of Marketing.

“HEI assures the professional communicator that what they are saying and how they are saying it will resonate with their audience, and when you resonate, intended action takes place.” – Kevin Dill, PANORAMIC Co-Founder

Alex Honeysett writes at about the differences between Marketing and PR, and summarizes, “Marketing is focused on promoting and selling a specific product; whereas, PR is focused on maintaining a positive reputation for a company as a whole.”

As the line between both outfacing positions have blurred, the importance to resonate similarly has increased. Words used in ads and PR pitches may be different from medium to medium, but the sentiment, tone and mood can and should be the same, resulting in unified messaging from the organization. The HEI tool achieves this task.

PANORAMIC’s services meet the needs of three groups:

  • Public Relations professionals that need to be sure their messaging is consistent and will resonate with the targeted avatar; customer, prospect or advocate of the brand.
  • Marketing Department professionals that need to resonate in a more authentic way with their customers. By emoting the same as their customer, they create an initial trust from which to build upon.
  • Solopreneurs that have limited time to wear each hat they are responsible for.

PANORAMIC’s all in one suite manages tasks from message creation, advertising, emails and press releases, to paid placement on social networks to announcements distributed through the newswire.

PANORAMIC is looking for a select few PR Agencies, Marketing Groups and Solopreneur’s to be part of the BETA Launch of PANORAMIC, including the Human Emotion Intelligence (HEI) Tool.

If you are looking to step up your game for the brands you manage and want to stand out with documented results and reporting that will wow, visit to learn more and apply.



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